Please support the Maui County Planting Plan on Tuesday, September 29, 2015 at 1:30pm at the Maui County Council Chamber

DSC_5772-960x400This “Maui County Planting Plan” is the third edition, revised, and it’s main author and the Planting Plan Project Coordinator is Ernest Rezents and been prepared by the Maui County Arborist Committee.

Mr. Rezents is Maui’s own highly respected tree expert. Mr. Rezents has voluntarily worked 14 years on this updated revision that is filled with so much information that can be used by professionals in the landscape industry as well as the community. The Maui County Arborist Committee volunteers worked with Ernest to complete this document. Maui County was the first in the state to have such a document.

The over 200 page document covers chapters on:

  • Objectives, Policies, and Provisions
  • Street and Highway Median Tree Program
  • Park, Greenway, and Open Space Program
  • Parking lot Trees
  • Exceptional Tree Program
  • Standards for Planting, Pruning and Maintaining Trees
  • Permits and abuse on mutilation of trees
  • Construction and Project trees Protection Program
  • Sound & Wind and visual Barrier Program
  • Turfgrass and groundcovers
  • Native Hawaiian and Polynesian Introduced Plants
  • Irrigation & water conservation
  • Alien invasive plant species
  • History of the MC Arborist Committee, code of ordinances, exceptional trees of Maui County


    Council Chamber
    Kalana 0 Maui Building, 8th Floor
    200 South High Street
    Wailuku, Hawaii

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