Letter of Intention to the Maui Green and Beautiful Membership

March 5, 2014

Dear Valued Maui Outdoor Circle Member:

This is to let you know that there have been recent major changes in funding, bylaws, and branch policies by our parent organization, The Outdoor Circle, on Oahu. The Maui Board of Directors is very concerned by the actions of the Oahu Board. Therefore, Maui Outdoor Circle has decided to take necessary action to form its own local, nonprofit organization to be known as Maui Outdoor Circle for all of Maui County.

This is happening because the Maui leadership believes this transition will better serve our local members and our mission to keep Maui clean, green, and beautiful. Our Maui Board of Directors will continue to serve until new elections are held later this spring at our Annual Meeting. And the purposes of Maui Outdoor Circle will not change. We expect to have approval of our application for nonprofit status promptly. And our efforts here will continue to focus on public education, preservation, and developing, and preserving the natural beauty including the county’s urban forests and promoting the use of native plants. As members of the Maui Board we are committed to making this transition and we are determined to achieve this objective.

We hope you will continue to support Maui Outdoor Circle as you have done so well in the past, especially now as we make this transition to a 501-C3 organization to better serve Maui local needs and interests.

Sincerely, Maui Outdoor Board of Directors Elaine Malina, President, 879-9169 Barbara Fernadez, Vice-President, 878-6395 Andrea Binkley, Secretary, 573-0336 Suzanne Doodan, Treasurer, 419-0222 Arine Bulkley, 269-0469 Jan Dapitan, 385-2445 Marilyn Colvin, 879-0835 Warren McCord (past president), 878-6455